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Youyou u05 service robot

Specification: 1280 * 720 * 500mm
    Function introduction

    1. Using the realism technology newly developed by naidia GPU intelligent control Intel, through the cooperation of 1080p HD camera, infrared camera and infrared purple light transmitter, accurate face recognition, real-time dynamic capture, 3D space construction, etc. are realized.
    2. It integrates infrared, sonar, human body, radar and other types of sensors to perceive the environment and comprehensively process the information of various dimensions through powerful algorithms, so as to perceive the internal and external world like human beings.
    3. The motion control algorithm based on neural network and the function of MCU chip level micro control unit can flexibly and accurately realize 360 ° omnidirectional motion. With up to 22 degrees of freedom of motion joints, it can freely realize rich humanoid simulation actions such as raising the head, turning the head, lifting, bending the arm, shaking hands, walking, reversing and turning, making the human-computer interaction more exciting.
    4. Usense emotional engine, including EAI corpus and emotional speech synthesis technology, can more accurately recognize human multi-dimensional emotions such as gestures, actions, language and expressions. At the same time, it has 25 emotional expression methods and 368 emotional languages, which can realize humanized interaction. Not only that, but also the robot‘s emotions, eyes and expressions can be customized to make the interaction more arbitrary.
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