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Company Profile

Hai Yang Industrial (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

-Founded in 15th Jan 2019

-Facility Venue: Senai, Malaysia

-Total ground floor space 800 square meter

-Quality System: ISO 9001:2015

-The company has a number of mould

manufacturing bases, distributed in Asia, Europe, North America, can serve global customer

Production Base in Asia

Dongguan Haiyang Mould Co., Ltd
-Founded in 15th April 2015
-Facility Venue:Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
-Floor space 15000 square meter
-The main business is plastic mold and injection molding, sheet metal and hardware processing and manufacturing, automobile model and show car manufacturing, etc.,with the first-class supplier qualification of BYD, BAIC, Tesla and other well-known automobile brands, the main products are lightweight components of new energy vehicles.

Deep Blue Technology(Dongguan) Co.,Ltd
-Founded in 22th October 2020
-Facility Venue:Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
-Floor space 10000 square meter
-The main business is the production of injection molding, medical instruments, auto parts, paint screen printing assembly and electronic products ODM and OEM

Hunan Deep Blue Technology Co., LTD
-Founded in 24th December 2021
-Facility Venue:Henyang, Hunan Province, China
-Floor space 20000 square meter
-Mainly responsible for new energy vehicles and medical equipment related customer production orders

Production Base in North American

Standard Tool And Mold Inc
-Facility Venue:Canada
-Floor space 18000 square meter
-the company has rich experience in mold design and manufacturing, the company is fully equipped, mold manufacturing equipment is perfect, at the same time equipped

Production Base in North Europe

-Facility Venue:Polska
-Floor space 10000 square meter
-Our job allows you to optimize the design  of your products, to assist in the production of tooling, to produce parts and finishing operations in series.